Customized Nameserver of Chinese Domain Names Update Failed
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You Ask:
Why can't I change the nameservers of my Chinese domain names(.CN, .COM.CN, .中国 etc.) to my customized nameservers but only got the error report of "Nameserver update failed"? (OR similar expression)

NiceNIC Answer:

Thank you for the question. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For the sake of network security, registry of CNNIC set certain limits to Chinese domains' nameservers, therefore some customized nameservers would not be accepted.

However, you can still take advantage of DNS Records and point the Chinese domain names to [1]specific IP address or [2]existing website:

[1]To point a .CN domain name to an IP address, please follow the steps:

My Account > My Domain > Manage > DNS Records > IP/IPv6 > Update > Confirm

** Please be reminded to bind(Add-on) the domain name to the web hosting with the IP address above.

[2]To URL Redirect/Forward a .CN domain name to an existing website, please follow the steps:

My Account > My Domain > Manage > DNS Records > Url redirect (complete URL address please, i.e. http://...../) > Update > Confirm

** Please be reminded to send a message to support @ or submit a ticket and ask our customer service team to enable the function of "Url redirect" for you since this function is disabled by default.

You Ask:
How do I get my customized nameservers recognized by CNNIC? (OR similar expression)
NiceNIC Answer:
There are 2 requirements to get the customized nameservers recognized by CNNIC:
#1 The customized nameservers' provider/Registrar should be CNNIC accredited;
#2 The provider/Registrar helps you register the customized nameservers with CNNIC.

Should you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via Email, Ticket or Live Chat.

Kindest regards,
NiceNIC.NET Customer Service

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