Function name Charges Details
domain name resolution 100/Time Will assign the domain name and child domain name system to the IP, every time not more than ten is a domain name
Information to modify 100/Time Modify the domain name owner, contact information
Transfer ownership of the domain name 100/Time Need to submit transfer between the two sides of the material and fill in the application form, including 50 yuan transfer fees
Function name Charges Details
FTP Upload 100/Time Files uploaded to the site space,every time not more than 500M
Mysql import 100/Time Will Mysql data import in a database
MsSql import 250/Time Mssql data import in a database
Website Bug debugging minimum charge 50 According to the error difficulty,minimum charge 50
Database backup download 100/Time put the database file into the Db directory
Modify domain name binding 50/Time Will the domain name change space bound into other new domain
Delete space file 50/Time All files empty space
Replace the server minimun charge 25 After buy space, want to change to a specific a single server
Site procedures backup 100/Time Regularly back up all the procedures space
Function name Charges Details
Product exhibition display problems 100/Time Product exhibition display images show not to come out, or don't need a function
Change to buy a separate ftp and other information NiceBox 200/Time After buy NiceBox, to change the FTP user name and and server name (or IP)
Use NiceBox create site 500/Time Need to provide relevant information on the production site, use ready-made templates to create
NiceBox templates customization 1000/Time In NiceBox function design based on a website template alone, including logo, navigation pictures

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