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.guru Domain Information

Are you a web guru? An ace tennis coach? Does your brand lead your field? Whatever your area of focus, they say you never truly know something until you teach it. Now is your chance to show the web the depth of our knowledge by being the .guru of your field. This new domain extension is soon to become available, and will surely be one of the most hotly contested of the top-level domains to be released over the next year. If you are a leader in any field – or want to be - you will need to reserve your new domain name before someone else gets it, or find yourself following the pack.

Requirements Unrestricted
Registration Time Instantly
Country Community
.GURU Bulk Domain Registration
* One Domain per Line
* 10 Domain Names per Time
* Plus ICANN fee of 18¢/yr
* All prices excluding VAT
* Check Pricing for Renewal
* Prices fluctuate with exchange rate。
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