Are your .CN Domain names still Not registered with NiceNIC.NET?

Most Registrars offer .CN domain transfers, registration services etc with far higher prices than NiceNIC.NET do -
but now No Problem!
Now you have the chance to transfer your .CN domain names to the local CNNIC Accredited Registrar NiceNIC with the WORLD’s LOWEST pricing and by our Fast & Easy transfer process prior to renewing:
Account Tier .CN Domain Transfer PROMO Price
Market Account $9.0 per year
Basic Account $7.5 per year
Super Account $5.5 per year
VIP Account $5 per year
Account Tier .中国 .公司 .网络 Domain Transfer PROMO Price
Market Account $39.90 per year
Basic Account $32.90 per year
Super Account $29.90 per year
VIP Account $26.90 per year
[* How to apply for VIP/Super Account?]

.CN Domain Transfer Promo Name: NiceNIC $5 .CN Domain Transfer PROMO End of 2013

Domain .CN Transfer Promo Starts: 2013-10-22

Domain .CN Transfer Promo Ends: 2013-12-30

.CN Domain Transfer Rule:

Apply to domain transfers of .CN, .COM.CN, .NET.CN and all [Chinese Province].CNs, .中国, .公司, .网络, namely all Chinese domain names operated by Registry of CNNIC

[» Click HERE to view complete China .CN domain extensions]

Transfer .CN Domain Names to NiceNIC NOW

Please enter .CN domains you wish to transfer in as follows: authorizationcode1 authorizationcode2

I have read, understood and accept the [Domain Transfer Policy ]
* Every .CN Domain Transfer to NiceNIC includes:
1) Lifetime FREE .CN Whois Privacy
2) FREE .CN Nameserver Registration
3) FREE .CN DNS Records Update
4) FREE .CN Domain Push
5) Unlimited Support Tickets
* .CN Domain Transfer Tips:
1) China .CN domain names must be valid and already registered with another Registrar
2) .CN Chinese domain must be registered for at least 60 days and in unlocked status
3) .CN domain transfer only available 30 days prior to .CN expiry date
4) .CN Domain Name Transfers will take 5 calendar days in general
How does NiceNIC's .CN Domain Transfer process work?
Just 3 steps:
#1 Get .CN EPP authorization code from your current domain Registrar
#2 Submit .CN domain transfer request on NiceNIC's homepage or Domain .CN Transfer page
#3 Complete transfer payment to renew .CN domain name for at least 1 year
China .CN Domain Transfer IN NiceNIC
China .CN Transfer in – allows you to change from your current domain Registrar to NiceNIC.NET, the most SPECIAL ICANN Accredited Registrar with the BEST Services in Asia and WORLD-LOWEST pricing for China .CN Domain Names; usually during the .CN transfer process one year at least is added to the domain registration period; EPP authorization key (obtainable from the leaving Registrar) is required for transferring China .cn domain names.
Be sure your .CN Domain Transfer lock is disabled to transfer your China .cn domain to NiceNIC.NET. With Domain Transfer Lock, prevent unauthorized domain transfers by locking your China .cn domain. With Domain Transfer Lock turned on you can still perform legal name changes, account consolidation or transfers between accounts.
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