AI is back on top in the domain name aftermarket

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Afternic published a list of the top keywords in domains sold through its platform in March.

AI is back on top in the domain name aftermarket

AI is back on top of the list after flirting with the top spot for many months.

Another notable keyword is Florida, which also made the list in December. It seemed like an anomaly back then, and it still seems like a bit of one. Perhaps one or two buyers are snapping up a lot of Florida-related domains on the aftermarket?

I bring up Florida as an example of how you should use this list of keywords. There are some keywords that are on the list every month (e.g., my and group). These are great keywords to search for when looking for domains. Keywords that pop up from time to time might not be as good of a bet.

Here’s the list of keywords for the month, with the previous month in (parentheses):

  1. ai (2)
  2. my (1)
  3. group (5)
  4. home (4)
  5. bet (6)
  6. pro (14)
  7. solutions (8)
  8. club (18)
  9. health (9)
  10. services (13)
  11. your (7)
  12. Florida (nr)
  13. coin (nr)
  14. tech (nr)
  15. shop (11)
  16. new (15)
  17. life (19)
  18. it (3)
  19. homes (nr)
  20. company (nr)

Afternic also publishes an unfiltered chart that it says includes filler keywords. It shows “The” as the top-selling keyword. Some other words on that list are in, of, on, and, is, for, and us.

Source from Domain Name Wire

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