Are your domains also Pinyin?

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Are your domains also Pinyin? -

Here are the domains owned by ten well-known brands in China:,,,,,,,,, and Can you spot any domains that are not Pinyin?


How many have you found? Actually, all of them are Pinyin domains. It becomes easier to see when the names are written in the Pinyin way, as shown in the table below.


Brand Pinyin Chinese Pin

Anta An Ta 安踏 2

Pingan Ping An 平安 2

Alibaba A Li Ba Ba 阿里巴巴 4

Suning Su Ning 苏宁 2

Haier Hai Er 海尔 2

Lining Li Ning 李宁 2

Bilibili Bi Li Bi Li 哔哩哔哩 4

Yili Yi Li 伊利 2

Lexin Le Xin 乐信 2

Boke Bo Ke 波克 2

They are great domains because they are short, mostly 2-pin (which are the most popular Pinyin type in China), and pronounceable outside China. This feature greatly helps the brands go global.


I don't invest in Pinyin domains because I prefer selling to the whole world instead of just China. However, I do own some domains in .com which also happen to be Pinyin, such as Zeeran (Ze Er An=择而安), Dimiou (Di Mi Ou=狄蜜欧), and Bamalu (Ba Ma Lu=爸妈路).


Do you own any Pinyin domains which are also pronounceable outside China? If you suspect some of your domains may be Pinyin, just send us a ticket and we'll check it for you.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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