Web3 communities to be driver of new top level domain applications

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Web3 companies are announcing plans for the next round of new TLDs.

Web3 communities to be driver of new top level domain applications

For years, I’ve asked domain name companies a simple question about the next round of new top level domains: with so many strings applied for in the first round, what good strings remain for the next round?

There have been some obvious answers, such as words that have become popular since the last round was launched over a decade ago. Top level domains such as .crypto and .blockchain spring to mind. But that’s fairly limited in scope.

In recent months, it has become clear that web3 naming companies are going to drive a lot of applications by partnering with web3 communities.

D3 has been a leader in this space, and Unstoppable Domains has quickly followed suit.

Unstoppable has recently announced plans for blockchain names tied to web3 communities, including .pog, clay, and .pudgy.

Its plans for these names beyond creating blockchain names are a bit nebulous, in some cases suggesting it might apply for the ICANN TLDs, but not stating it certainly. It seems that these will become real top level domains if they get traction as blockchain names.

This week, Unstoppable also announced plans to apply for a top level domain for a non-web3 community.

There were some community-based top level domains in the last round. They got a leg up in the application process through the Community Priority Evaluation, although most failed to qualify.

Source from Domain Name Wire

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It seems that we will have a lot more in the 2026 round. In the next round, they will be driven by web3 communities.

Whether this business plan works or not remains to be seen. But it’s a gamble web3 naming companies must take. The value proposition of alt-root, blockchain-based names is very limited. Only with a real top level domain on the root do these names make a lot of sense.

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