Where to register .xyz domain name? Register directly in 2 steps

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The .xyz domain name is a new global top-level domain name. It is composed of the last three consecutive letters of the English alphabet. Compared with other emerging top-level domain names, it is simpler and easier to remember and has unlimited application scope. The Chinese meaning also means "lucky value".
Where to register .xyz domain name? Register directly in 2 steps

Register a .xyz domain name
Ranking of top-level domain name registrations in the first half of 2023

According to the report, in the ranking of top-level domain name registrations in the first half of 2023, COM is still far ahead, with .XYZ ranking second with 300,000 registrations, 81,000 more than .SHOP.

(1) .COM registration volume: 1,701,370
(2).XYZ registration volume: 297,586
(3) .SHOP registration volume: 216,700
(4).CLICK registration volume: 179,658
(5).ONLINE registered 165,491
(6).SITE registration volume: 148,094
(7) .NET registration number 119,167
(8).ORG registration volume: 117,011
(9).STORE registration volume: 109,184
(10).INFO registration volume: 101,398

According to data surveys, different continents, countries, and even cities have different habits and preferences for using top-level domain names. The following are the preferences of registrants in different regions for.com domain names:

North America: .XYZ, .NET, .ORG
Europe: .XYZ, .INFO, .CLUB
South America: .INFO, .US, .CO
Africa: .XYZ, .SHOP, .NET
Asia: .XYZ, .INFO, .US

It can be seen that people in most areas prefer .XYZ domain names. In fact, the .xyz domain name has been used by many well-known companies, such as Stanford University Stanford.xyz, Uniqlo Uniqlo.xyz, Musk’s SpaceX official website SpaceX.xyz, etc. More and more companies and units are using the domain name .XYZ, which proves its potential and value.

Advantages of .xyz domain names

1. The last three consecutive letters of the 26 letters are easy to remember;
2. Registration is simple and easy, and resources are abundant;
3. Low price.

How to register a .xyz domain name?

Regarding the registration of .xyz, everyone should pay attention to the fact that this domain name has a domestic interface and a foreign interface. If registered with a domestic registrar, real-name authentication is required and can be filed; To register, you don’t need to use your real name, but you also cannot register.

So before you register, you can first check whether your website needs to be registered, and then decide where to register.

Today, the editor will share with you a registration method for .xyz without real name.

Step 1: Click directly: Register .xyz domain name, enter the domain name prefix you want to register in the search box, and click the [Search button] to search
Where to register .xyz domain name? Register directly in 2 steps

Step 2: If [Available for Registration] is displayed, it means that the domain name can be registered. You can just click [Register Now].

The operation is very simple and convenient. Whether you are doing website building business or protecting your company's domain name and brand, you should register the .xyz suffix as soon as possible to protect your company's brand assets.

>>Click: Register .xyz domain name


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