.ai Domain Names | The premier gTLD for artificial intelligence and automation.

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.ai Domain Names | The premier gTLD for artificial intelligence and automation.

About .AI

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Artificial Intelligence has become one of the hottest topics in the tech world - and everywhere else for that matter. If you run a business, blog, or software in the ai / automation space, .ai is a great choice for your website. 700+ top companies are already using .ai domains for their primary websites, such as Lavender, Genesis Therapeutics, and Suki. Other companies are choosing .ai for forwarding URL’s or as part of larger domain portfolios, such as Salesforce.ai.

Originally, the .ai domain extension was created in 1995 as a ccTLD (country code Top-Level Domain) for Anguilla, a small British territory in the Caribbean. While many regional websites around this island still use the extension to represent the country, .ai has expanded to worldwide use to signify Artificial Intelligence.

According to Google, searches for ai domains have shot up exponentially, with a remarkable 203% increase in the past year due to industry game changers such as ChatGPT. Whether you’re serving a local or global community, now is the time to buy a .ai domain.

Why register a .AI domain?
Stand out in the automation space. .ai domains are short, catchy, and memorable which means you can set yourself apart online. YourName.ai instantly builds interest for yourself and your business.

Get ahead of the curve. Since .ai domains are an emerging trend, registering one today can put your brand on the cutting edge. Plus, there’s less competition for the best names when compared to more crowded domains like .com or .org.

Build your domain portfolio. The .ai domain is consistently in the top ten largest domains in the aftermarket. Securing your .ai domain now while it’s still available protects you from the risk of having to pay a domain investor hundreds of thousands of dollars for it later. With the digital landscape rapidly evolving, investing in your online presence gives you a huge advantage over the competition. Learn more about domain portfolio management.

Private Registration is available for .ai domain 

Frequently asked questions about .ai.

How do I buy a .ai domain?

To purchase your domain name, you must first search for the availability of the unique phrase (without spaces or with hyphens). If the domain name is available, you may then add it to the cart to register for up to 10 year(s). If the .ai country code domain is not available, then either modify your phrase, or inquire about purchasing the name outright through NiceNIC's Domain Concierge Service.

Other information I need to know about .ai?

Although most are taken, there may be a few 1 character domains left. If you are interested, please contact [email protected]

Are there any additional fees for .ai?

Incoming transfers require a one-time setup fee in addition to the transfer fee.

Is .ai domain good?

Yes, .ai is a very good domain choice for anyone in the Artificial Intelligence space. The extra cost comes with increased visibility and reduced competition when compared to traditional domains.

What does .ai and .io mean?

.ai and .io are technically the Country Code Top-Level Domains for the Territory of Anguilla and the Indian Ocean region, respectively. However, many people use .ai to mean Artificial Intelligence, and .io to mean input/output.

Where can I register a .ai domain?
You can register your .ai domain right here at Nicenic. We are an accredited .ai domain registrar and have decades of experience managing domain names worldwide.
Can I buy a .ai domain?

Yes, the .ai domain is able to be purchased by anyone in the world. You can buy available ai domains with Nicenic for fast and secure .ai registration.

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