March into China market Grab .CN domain names
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Grab .CN domains March into China

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If you want to march into China market or Asian market, grabbing a matching .CN domain name will be your first step.

According to the Statistical Report on Internet Development in China released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), namely Registry of .CN domain names, in January 2013:

* By the end of December 2012, China has had 564 million Internet users, with a total of 50.9 million new ones. The Internet penetration rate of 42.1%, a growth of 3.8% compared with the end of 2011.

* By the end of December 2012, China has had 420 million mobile Internet users, 64.4 million more than that at the end of 2011. Among all the Internet users, those using mobile phones to access Internet increased from 69.3% at the end of 2011 to 74.5%.

* The rural Internet users accounted for 27.6% of the total in China, reaching 156 million, which rose slightly compared with the figure in 2011, with an increase of 19.6 million over the end of 2011.

* The ratio of Internet users using mobile phones rose quickly from 69.3% to 74.5%.

* China had a total of 13.41 million domain names, including 7.51 million “.CN” domain names, a proportion of 56.0%, and 280,000 “.中国” domain names. The total number of websites, namely the number of websites registered by the registrants of website domain names (including accessions both from home and abroad) continued growing, reaching 2.68
--> The full CNNIC report can be downloaded HERE!

China is divided into 22 provinces, five autonomous regions, and four municipalities under direct control of the central government. It also has two special autonomous regions (Hong Kong and Macau) and claims sovereignty over a 23rd province (Taiwan). These three are listed as separate countries.

>> Each of these regions offers sub-domains as follows: - Hong Kong | - Beijing | - Taiwan | - Macau | - Shanghai | - Guangdong | - Chongqing | - Fujian | - Gansu | - Guangxi Zhuang | - Guizhou | - Hainan | - Hubei | - Henan | - Hainan | - Heilongjiang | - Hunan | - Jilin | - Jiangsu | - Jiangxi | - Liaoning | - Nei Mongol | - Ningxia Hui | - Qinghai | - Sichuan | - Shandong | - Shaanxi | - Shanxi | - Tianjin | - Xizang

Following is a picture taken from the Opening Ceremony of ICANN 46th Meeting in Beijing to witness that under the help of CNNIC, The First ICANN Global Engagement Center to Open in Beijing China, April 2013. NiceNIC as a CNNIC Accredited Registrar attended ICANN 46th Meeting.

Grab .CN domains March into China

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