NiceNIC Paypal payment issue
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----------------------------3rd Update at 04:45 PM, 2013-05-13------------------------

Hello Customer,

I am glad to tell you that NiceNIC's new paypal account is working now, the verification of Bank account by Paypal company was completed finally, the payment received in the past few hours was processed successfully, the domain names registered in the past few hours were activated!

It seems like everything is running normally now. Thank God!

Kindest regards,

Helen Ho, COO

NiceNIC.NET Team

------------------------------2nd Update at 03:30 PM, 2013-05-13--------------------------

We regret to inform you that changing receiving Paypal account was not a good idea, we didn't receive any payment in the new Paypal account though the Paypal log in our payment processing system shown that clients had already completed payment via Paypal.

For clients who made payment/deposit in the past few hours might have got payment bounced back, please check the Emails sent from Paypal company.

Now, we are still negotiating with Paypal company and also looking around, hope to find another appropriate payment method instead, i.e. Credit Card.

Again, thank you for your comprehension and patience. We will keep you notified if we have some update.

Kindest regards,

Helen Ho, COO

NiceNIC.NET Team

----------------------------1st Update at 10:30 AM, 2013-05-13 -------------------------

We've bound another Paypal account to NiceNIC payment processing interface for temporary use so I consider you are still able to complete order payment by Paypal now.

We stand by for help if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Rui Chen, CTO


------------------------------Original Message at 10:30 PM, 2013-05-12-----------------------

Dear Valued Customer,

We are very sorry to inform you that NiceNIC's PayPal payment is temporary unavailable.

We sincerely apologize for any trouble/inconvenience it might have brought to you.

According to Paypay company's notification, we learned that our official Paypal account(admin @ was hacked/stolen, the Paypal company already launched an investigation and now are pressing on solving the problem.

If you are going to send us funds for a transaction, please send us a wire transfer. For our bank account details, please refer to:

We will keep you updated once the issue is figured out.

Your understanding and patience will be greatly appreciated by NiceNIC Team.


Zheng Wang, CEO


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