5 Reasons Website Speed is Crucial for Your Success
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How fast your website pages load when a site visitor clicks on your site is crucial to your success.

In fact, Kissmetrics offers some startling statistics all website owners should heed:


* 47% of online consumers expect websites to load in 2 seconds or less
* A 1 second page load delay can reduce conversions by 7%
* 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load


A fast-loading website is critical to your success.

So what does all of this mean?


However, it’s not that simple. There are more in-depth reasons why website speed is crucial to your overall success. Let’s look at some of the consequences you will face should you not pay close attention to your website’s overall speed and performance.


1. You Will Lose Site Visitors

There is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website that takes too long to load. And, chances are, if a site visitor comes to your website, and realizes it’s too slow for their liking, they will never return. This means your regular visitors may become distant memories, despite how much they enjoy what you have to offer.


2. Your Bounce Rate Will Skyrocket

If a site visitor clicks on your website and is dissatisfied with how fast the page is loading, they will leave, or bounce, immediately. The percentage of people that “bounce” back to the referring website or search results is what is called your website’s bounce rate.

Most websites have a bounce rate that falls between 25% and 70%. The lower the rate, the more successful your website is. That’s because a low bounce rate means people are entering your website, liking what they see, and engaging with your content.


3. Reduced Conversions

One of the reasons online stores and popular blogging sites do so well is because they encourage site visitors to subscribe. And, it works.

If your website is slow to load, people will not be apt to subscribe. This means no weekly newsletter, no firsthand look at your newest e-book, and no special coupons for your site visitors. For online businesses that thrive off email subscribers, this is bad news.


4. Poor Search Rankings

Every time someone conducts a search using a major search engine such as Google, the internet serves up web pages related to the search inquiry. And, although it seems obvious, you should know that being as close to page one as possible is the key to getting people onto your website.

Since Google ranks websites in part based on overall speed, it makes sense that the slower your website is, the worse the search ranking will be for your website’s pages. This will largely affect how much organic traffic enters your website based solely on search results.


5. A Loss in Revenue

Many website owners supplement the income they make off their website using strategically placed advertisements. And, what a shame to go to all that trouble to find the sweet spot on your website, where site visitors are most likely to click on a banner ad, if your website loads too slow for them to even notice ads are there.


In addition, if you own an eCommerce shop, and again, your site loads too slowly for site visitors to want to stick around, you miss sales opportunities. This results in major revenue loss.


In the end, the speed of your website is an overwhelming factor in how successful you will be. And, by understanding the consequences you face by not addressing a slow website, you are better preparing yourself to move forward with a website that site visitors enjoy coming to on a consistent basis,  for example switching your website from a shared hosting to a Cloud Server/Hosting or Dedicated Server, it's a good solution!


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