.CN Domain Name FAQ 2
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What are .CN domain names?


The .CN domain names are Chinese top level domain names, featuring the domain names with .CN as the suffix, including the second-level domain names directly registered under .CN and the third-level domain names registered under the .CN second-level domain names.

CN is the Country Code Top Level Domain(ccTLD), representing China. China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), as the .CN registry, responsible for the operation and administration of .CN domain name system, and maintenance of central database.


What advantages to register .CN domain names?


1. Conducive to China’s national Internet information security;

2. Applicable to China’s laws for full protection of the users’ interests;

3. Full Chinese services to protect the right of users to be informed;

4. The .CN domain name is rich in resources, with satisfactory domain names available;

5. Significant function of identification can reflect your own values and positioning.



Select a .CN domain name for registration


What categories of .CN domain names? What CN-suffixed domain names can be registered?


1. You can directly register the .CN-suffixed second-level domain names, for example:,互联网博物馆.CN. It features a short and easy structure to memorize, and can highlight the Chinese concept;

2. Under the CN top level domain names, you can set such two categories of second-level domain names in English as “category domain names” and “administrative region domain names”.



(1) The category domain names refer to such domain names in accordance with the nature of the entity applicant , totally7,respectively:


AC.CN - for example,Computer Network Information Center of the Chinese Academy of;

COM.CN - for example,Industrial and Commercial Bank of China;

EDU.CN - for example,Peking;

GOV.CN - for example,Central People's Government of the People's Republic of;

MIL.CN - for example,Military Museum of the Chinese Peoples;

NET.CN - for example,China Internet Network Information;

ORG.CN– for example,China Computer


Special tips for category domain names registration:


The third level domain names registered under “.GOV.CN”shall meet the requirement of Article 2 of Chapter 3 of CNNIC Implementing Rules of Domain Name Registration. For detailed requirement, please see note below:How to register the GOV domains?

The rules for the third level domain names registered under “.EDU.CN” are stipulated separately by the China Education and Research Network.

The rules for the third level domain names registered under “.MIL.CN” are stipulated separately by China Greatwall Internet.


(2) The administrative region domain names refer to those domain names assigned in accordance with abbreviation of each administrative region in China, totally 34, applicable to China's 34 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government.


Respectively: BJ.CN - Beijing; SH.CN - Shanghai; TJ.CN - Tianjin; CQ.CN - Chongqing; HE.CN - Hebei; SX.CN - Shanxi; NM.CN - Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; LN.CN - Liaoning; JL.CN - Jilin; HL.CN - Heilongjiang; JS.CN - Jiangsu; ZJ.CN - Zhejiang; AH.CN - Anhui; FJ.CN – Fujian; JX.CN - Jiangxi; SD.CN – Shandong; HA.CN – Henan; HB.CN - Hubei; HN.CN - Hunan; GD.CN - Guangdong; GX.CN - Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region; HI.CN – Hainan; SC.CN – Sichuan; GZ.CN - Guizhou; YN.CN - Yunnan; XZ.CN - Tibet Autonomous Region; SN.CN – Shaanxi; GS.CN - Gansu; QH.CN - Qinghai; NX.CN - Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region; XJ.CN - Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; TW.CN - Taiwan; HK.CN - Hongkong Special Administrative Region; MO.CN - Macao Special Administrative Region; For example: Beijing's institutions may choose such domain names as
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