.CN Domain Name FAQ 3
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What are the naming rules for .CN domain?


1. Users can comply with the naming rules of simply using or combining with English letters (A-Z, case-insensitive), Arabic numerals (0-9) and half-angle hyphen “-" (i.e., middle transverse line), but not spaces and special characters (such as!, $, & and ?);

2. “-" can not appear continuously, separately registered or placed at the beginning or end;

3. At most 63 characters can be registered.The maximum length for 中文.CN registration should be calculated after transferred into punycode. The transcoding method refers to "Online Transcoding of Chinese Domain Names".


How to choose the .CN domain names to be registered?


You can select a CN domain name for registration according to your own needs and preferences, such as:

1. Vocabulary able to significantly mark the products or brands of the registrant, such as,青岛啤酒.cn;

2. Vocabulary directly marking the registrant, such as, full spelling of an individual's name in English and in Chinese: 姚明.cn,, and full spelling of an entity's name in English and in Chinese or abbreviated forms as 中央电视台.cn,

In order to encourage individual users to pay close attention to the civil rights and interests related to their names, and promote the use of the domain names corresponding to the names by more relevant people, our Center supports such behaviors of the individuals to register the domain names related to their names. The name-related domain names refer to those domain names registered by individuals strongly related to their names, including corresponding English and Chinese pinyin. 

3. Advertising language of an enterprise or product, for example,;

4. Service number to highlight a corporate outreaching promotion, for example,;

5. Such network popular words easy to remember as 


How to register the CN domain names?


Please refer to



How to use 中文.CN domain names?


Currently, the global mainstream browsers, such as IE7.0, IE8.0, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari, have already achieved direct support to 中文.CN domain names. You can directly enter the 中文.CN domain name in the address bar to get direct access to the corresponding website, such as:






Besides, in the中文.CN domain name delimiters, the half-angle and full-angle . in English is equivalent to the Chinese period “。", such as:





Domains above are equivalent and can get access to the same website accordingly.


The simplified and traditional Chinese domain names are equivalent either.For example:






Domains above are equivalent and can get access to the same website accordingly.


In case of IE 6.0 or lower browsers, then you need to enter http:// 中文.CN in the address bar, and guided by the page, you can reach the corresponding website, for example: http://www.新华网.cn.


How to register the protected domain?


Protected domain names refer to certain words related to interests of the nation and the civil society,CNNIC may take necessary measures to protect them according to China Internet Domain Name Regulations.


1. The applicant shall post the original application materials to the registrar including:


(1) Domain Registration Form sealed by the applicant; download

(2) Registrant’s identification;

(3) Registrant contact’s identification;

(4) Other materials matching the reasons for protection of the domain


2. Our Center audits the application documents


The registrar will submit the application materials to our Center, and if qualified, our Center will transfer the domain to the database of the registrar. If the application materials are not qualified, our Center will notify the registrar of the reasons. The auditing time will be three working days since our Center receives the relevant materials.
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