An example of how to reduce domain confusion
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This company’s decision to use a .net domain is a mistake.


I was cleaning out my inbox this afternoon when I came across two emails from my daughter’s school about student photos.


The first email announced that school photos were in and we can order copies from the photography company Strawbridge at


Shortly thereafter, the second email arrived stating — oops! — it’s is owned by Macy’s (here’s why).


I think the photography company’s decision to use is a mistake. Its formal company name is Strawbridge Studios. They could buy on Afternic for only $1,816. It’s a bit longer but is less likely to lead to confusion.


Even a new TLD choice like is less likely to lead to confusion than using the .net.


Or perhaps, since Macy’s no longer uses the Strawbridge brand, the photography company should try to work out a deal with the struggling department store.

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