Neustar eats its own dog food by switching to .Neustar
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Company moves its website from to Home.Neustar.

Neustar, a company that offers backend registry services as well as top level domain names (TLD) such as .co, has switched its web address to use the .neustar TLD.
The company has been a big proponent of so-called .brand top level domain names that have a brand name to the right of the dot. While it provides backend registry services for generic new domains such as .club, many of its customers are .brands and it is already trying to line up companies to apply for .brands in the next round of domain name expansion.
It’s difficult to sell people on .brand domain names if your own company doesn’t use one. Neustar has been using .neustar to a limited degree already but is now making a wholesale switch. Its home page is now and each of its product areas has its own domain:, and
Employee email addresses end in

The company is not switching from .com; its previous web address was That was an earlier example of the company eating its own dog food because Neustar has the .biz contract.

Source from Domain Name Wire

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