11 end user domain name sales up to $250k
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A Romanian Casino, a Space Engineering firm and a language app all bought domain names last week.

It was the week of “2” last week with the top sales at Sedo across all categories (.com, ccTLD and “other”) repeating this digit within their sales prices. And even more unusual was a .RO (Romania) ccTLD purchase beating out the other sales and taking top honors with its EUR 220K ($250k USD) price tag.

Take a look at some of the end user sales at Sedo this past week, and you can view previous weeks’ lists here. EUR 220,000 – Given the price, you can expect this Romanian ccTLD to be developed by what would qualify as an end user. $200,000 – Jobster was an online recruiting business that didn’t pan out. Someone is rebirthing it. The site says, “ Soon to be unleashed again, The team”. $22,000 – The top sale for the “other” category was purchased by a technology firm offering internet analytics and uptime monitoring services. $15,000 – A travel media company called Earth is using this domain for a travel website. $10,000 – Forwards to, a new publishing platform who will produce films, books & periodicals on a variety of subjects annually. $8,600 – A cleverly-branded company that offers language courses. I wonder if people know how to spell this word. $5,632 – Another .RO purchase – this time it’s for Poiana Brasov, the “largest and most famous mountain resort in Romania”, also voted the most accessible ski resort in Europe by $5,000 – The SA in this domain refers to “Surgical Associates”, a company out of Houston providing development and management services for surgery center operations. $5,000 – A payment processing company run by the Narula Institute of Technology, which is made up by a group of academic institutions. EUR 2,900 – Enspace has some rather complex terminology on its page…something about satellites and ion propulsion. I’m sure rocket scientists will understand what the company does. $2,399 – A Scottish tech company specializing in Apps, Web Applications, and Enterprise Scale Software Systems bought this domain name. This name has good potential for an upcoming campaign or product launch, or for a client.

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