.AI begins auctioning expired domain names
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Anguilla's ccTLD registry is auctioning expired domains. Anguilla's registry cuts out the middleman and begins auctioning expired domain names.

The registry for country code domain name .AI (Anguilla) has started auctioning off domain names that previous registrants let expire. The auctions run differently than on most expired domain auction sites.


Auctions run only once a month for ten days. They start on the third Friday of each month and run for ten days. Also, any bids placed in the final hour extend the auction by an hour, which is much longer than most platforms extend bidding for late bids.


Starting bids are $100 with $10 increments.


In order to bid, users need to create an account and deposit at least $100. Users can pay with a credit card, wire transfer or bitcoin. There's a 60 day delay to transfer a domain if you pay with a credit card.


Also, note that .AI has a $100 transfer fee that doesn't extend the registration. So if you want to transfer the domain to another registrar, you need to factor in another $100 to the price.


The .AI registry has licenced the software used by to run its platform.


For the auction that ends on Monday, is currently the top domain with 14 bids and a $3,343 price. Other available names include, Strategy.AI, and

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