Why Site Builder exists alongside WordPress
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WordPress is too much for the typical small business owner to manage.


Yesterday I got yet another reminder of why managed website builder services exist.


I updated the plugins on one of my WordPress sites and POOF! The site broke. Completely. You couldn't access it. I couldn't even access the WP-Admin to turn off the plugins to troubleshoot it.


With a bit of help from a website builder company, I was able to FTP to the site and remove the plugins folder to diagnose the issue.


But here's the thing: talk to the average small business owner about updating plugins or FTP'ing into their site and they'll lose you.


That's why site builders exist. Anyone can create a site using them. They don't have to worry about updating plugins and breaking their site. Security is handled behind the scenes.


Using a site builder instead of WordPress comes with drawbacks but it's a huge market for a good reason.

Source from Domain Name Wire, author ANDREW ALLEMANN

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