A $75k .ae domain sale and other end user domain purchases
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A business using a .io domain pays a lot to get the matching .com.


Sedo had a good week for end user domain sales, including for $75,000. That's the second-highest public sale ever reported for the UAE's .ae country code domain, second only to for $95,000 in 2015.


The second-highest sale was a .com match sold to a company that uses a .io domain.


Here's a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $75,000 - This is a site about investing in the UAE. It seems to be funded by either the government or government-adjacent entities. $60,000 - E-commerce company Deity, which uses the domain, bought the matching .com. I'd argue it got a good deal, although I wonder how many people misspell this name. The company owns but I don't think it owns Diety .com. $20,000 - Seedscout helps people find very early stage startup investments. $15,499 - PrivaGo is a privacy-centric search engine. EUR11,000 - Whois lists Samsungcard, a credit card arm of Korean company Samsung. I can't find a connection between this word and the company. $10,000 - Ezri sells svelte business backpacks. $9,000 - Variowell Development GmbH offers sleep technology to mattress manufacturers. Kikoo is the brand name for a mattress cooling technology. $6,495 - Continuum helps freelancers grow their businesses. $5,000 - Florium, an online plant seller, forwards this domain to GBP3,700 - 4Privacy appears to be a new privacy app. $3,400 - SM Prime Holdings is a publicly traded company and one of the largest integrated property developers in Southeast Asia. EUR3,000 - Bringo International in France. EUR3,000 - Ten-Ace Gmbh sells a product called Air Up that uses fragrances to flavor water. It owns GBP2,995 - British Limited invests in emergent technology, but good luck learning more. Its website states, "The work that British Limited does is highly confidential, sensitive in nature and of National importance. Accordingly, it never discusses the work it does, or those with whom it works." $2,995 - This domain forwards to, a site by the Evansville Convention & Visitors Bureau in Indiana. The title tag suggests that a sports event company manages the site. $2,682 - This domain forwards to, a global trade site. EUR2,500 - This domain translates to "motorcycle purchase" and the business buys motorcycles. $2,500 - Done+Dusted is a television production and event staging company that produces large-scale live events and live broadcasts globally. $2,355 - Omega AG is a residential real estate company in Germany. EUR2,300 - I'm having trouble understanding the Google translate of this site, but MPU is some sort of test and this company helps you prepare for it. $2,200 - Jump sells insect-based snack foods.


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