End user domain name sales up to $70000
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NFT and blockchain companies drive several domain sales this week.

End user domain name sales up to $70000 -

Sedo's top sale this week was for $160,000. It's under Whois proxy and doesn't resolve to an active website yet, so we'll have to see who bought it. But Sedo had many other solid sales, including a handful of .ai and .io domains.

It's clear that NFT and blockchain-related companies are driving a lot of sales, which you'll notice in the list below.

Here's a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $70,000 - Collecting Cars sells antique cars, collectible cars, car parts and memorabilia. It forwards this domain to its site at $49,999 - HealthSouth runs the Encompass Health rehab facility in Alabama. Maybe this is for an online rehab service? $21,500 - Radius AI says it uses "AI powered computer vision to make your space more profitable and productive." It forwards this domain to EUR 11,000 - The buyer is setting up a site that reviews NFTs and various NFT marketplaces/services. $10,000 - Daylight Automation Inc. offers a no code solution for data-intensive workflows. $7,222 - Carebot offers a system to doctors that helps detect lung anomalies. $6,000 - Embedded AI develops algorithms. EUR 5,000 - Rooflink's site is still under development but it seems like it's some sort of service for roofing companies. Update: yes, it sells software to roofers. And this appears to be an upgrade from EUR 4,490 - Lolo Company offers a low code way to build global programmable networks and data streams across IP and mobile infrastructure. It uses the domain

ML77 .com $4,357 - This is an online gaming site. $4,000 - Veralabs is an NFT service. EUR 3,750 - This domain forwards to I'm having trouble understanding what it does, but it's some sort of residential development company. $3,250 - Pixelmine offers icons for Minecraft servers. $2,999 - Rainmaker Games says it's "an organization founded in the metaverse, built on blockchain and brought together by Play To Earn." $2,300 - One Common is an online store with an eclectic mix of goods including clothing and craft cocktail ingredients. $2,203 - This domain forwards to,  the site for a new business that says "Better Clinical Trials - Where patients, providers, and researchers discover new treatments together."

Source from Domain Name Wire

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