20 recent end user domain name sales including Cisco and Mercedes
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20 recent end user domain name sales including Cisco and Mercedes -

One of the fun things about making these end user domain name sales lists is the companies and industries I learn about. For example, this week I came across a company that makes cricket bats, and I learned a bit about the process, the wood they use, etc. I also discovered a cool whiskey app I talk about in more detail below.


I was traveling last week and didn't get to the end user list, so this week's list includes sales from the past two Sedo reports. You can view previous lists like this here. $43,125 - QTrials is launching this health product later this year. Its coming soon page states, "40 years trying to reinvent health and the answer was Facil." Facil is Spanish for easy. $25,000 - Plaio ehf. provides software to the pharmaceutical industry. It uses $15,000 - Ravell & Friends is an EDM music group. This domain forwards to $10,000 - Biofinity in Malaysia operates Vibrance, a pelvic health company (hence VPHC). $8,800 -  Quality Management Associates, Inc. provides support for people with disabilities. It forwards this domain to its website at EURO 5,000 - Mercedes-Benz bought this domain for the Mercedes Benz Operating System. $4,800 - Leeward Asset Management, LLC, a green energy company, bought this domain. I guess it decided filing a UDRP wasn't worth the effort.


Instadownload .site $4,000 - This domain forwards to instasupersave .com, which offers tools for Instagram. I think they're begging for a UDRP. $4,000 - Today's end user list took longer than usual for me to complete because of this domain. A company called Bevy Limited that offers a Whisky app bought it. Scan a bottle, and it gives you ratings, average prices, etc. So I downloaded the app and scanned my bottles for a short diversion from searching for end user sales. The app lacks U.S. whiskeys and bourbons but could be cool down the road. Kilchoman is a whiskey brand, but I'm not sure what Bevvy's connection is to the brand. $3,800 - Syntegra is an IoT and mobile connectivity company. $3,099 - CubeShop operates matching sites on .ch and .fr that sell Rubik's-cube-like puzzles. $3,074 - J.S. Wright & Sons Limited manufactures cricket bats from willow trees. It forwards this domain to $3,000 - Hmm. TBWA Media Arts Lab does work solely for Apple. So is this domain related to Apple, then?


Fachkrä EURO 2,900 - This German word means "professionals" or "skilled workers." HZA Media Group uses this domain for an employee recruiting service. $2,800 - Blue Water Systems is a water purification company. $2,800 - Cisco bought this domain for Cisco Networking Academy, an IT and cybersecurity education program. It uses the matching .com domain.


FreeResellerHost .com $2,230 - This is a web hosting service. $2,149 - This domain brings back memories of early internet chat. But the buyer is Marpas Hills S.L., a leadership school. I'm not sure what the domain is for. $2,000 - Thompson Distribution in Tennessee bought this domain. $2,000 - InterSIP is a VoIP communication company.


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