17 latest end user domain name sales

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17 latest end user domain name sales

A blockchain company, a golf league partnering with the PGA, and a delivery robot provider bought domain names.


Xday.com EURO 30,000 - Blockchain company Elrond is getting ready to release new stuff, and it's using XDay.com to do that.


SMExchange.com $8,606 - SMExchange says it will "help your small and medium enterprise grow with dedicated training and hand-holding through fundraising."


TheGolfLeague.com $7,000 - The Golf League is one of the PGA's answers to LIV Golf. It will be an indoor golf series featuring Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.


EliteAngels .com $5,799 - Elite Angels is an escort service.


Profin.de EURO 5,000 - Profit is a real estate credit company. It forwards this domain to the matching profin.at domain.


Proficio.de EURO 5,000 - Proficio is a marketing company. It forwards this domain to its matching .at domain. See a trend here?


CarbonCo.com £4,400 - CarbonCo will help companies reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.


AltaPost.de EURO 4,185 - The domain forwards to the Deutsche Post website.


NextHolidays.com $4,000 - Next Holidays is a tour booking service.


Aikonic.com $2,995 - Consulting firm Innovaces GmbH bought this domain. It's not clear what it's for.


Loxo.ch EURO 2,650 - Loxo is a delivery robot. The company uses loxo.app for its website.


WhatisChristianity.com $2,588 - This domain forwards to 1517.org. 1517 is a religious organization.


ReviewRocket.com $2,500 - Review Rocket promises to prompt happy customers to leave reviews.


SecureByDesign.de EURO 2,499 - This domain forwards to the website for Cloudyrion, an IT security firm.


Invest-it.com $2,295 - Invest it GmbH in Germany bought this domain.the


Nanonox.com $2,110 - Mercaform holding is a group of companies in Germany.


Greetsiel-ferienwohnungen.de EURO 2,000 - Greetsiel is a small port town in Germany. The second word translates as apartments, so this site offers apartments in Greetsiel.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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