21 recent end user domain sales

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21 recent end user domain sales - NiceNIC.NET

A tattoo machine supplier, a massage chair seller and a mattress company bought domain names.


After struggling to find end user sales amongst Sedo's sales data last week, this week was much more fruitful.


One of the purchases looks particularly interesting: explain.org. It's still under construction but I like what I see so far.


Here's a list of the end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo:


DragonHawk.com $10,000 - DragonHawk sells tattoo machines. This is an upgrade from DragonHawkOfficial.com.


CommerceComposer.com $9,000 - Deity says it is "composing commerce". It forwards this domain to its website at diety.io.


Q5D.com $6,995 - Q5D creates robots that automate the addition of wiring and printed electronics to complex-shaped parts.


BodyFriend.de EURO 5,995 - The buyer is forwarding this domain to massagesesselwelt.de (Massage Chair World). Perhaps it's a brand. I was skeptical of massage chairs until I tried one at the airport the other day. They aren't half bad!


BSleep.com $4,500 - BSleep is a mattress brand made by a company called Bellona.


Explain.org $4,200 - Explain promises to help you get a basic understanding of anything. Here's a search result for "hockey icing". Pretty cool!


CityBlog.de EURO 4,000 - This domain forwards to city-wuerzburg.com, a site about Würzburg in Germany.


Gamestore.net $4,000 - The buyer has created a launch page for this new site about video games.


Whitecane.com $3,995 - Whitecane develops products to improve the mobility of people with visual impairments. It uses the domain whitecane.de.


ACDR.eu EURO 3,750 - AutoBinck offers an app by this name.


Smartex.ch EURO 3,500 - Smartex sells equipment to improve textile manufacturing. It forwards this domain to the matching .ai domain.


PressCart .com $3,395 - PressCart guarantees article publishing on websites.


Riwald.com EURO 3,050 - Riwald Recycling recycles metals. It forwards this domain to the matching .nl domain name.


GirlsGottaEat.com $2,875 - Girls Gotta Eat is a podcast. It forwards this domain to girlsgottaeatpodcast.com.


Overnightly.com $2,750 - Overnightly Ltd has a "coming soon" page on the site. The company was formed earlier this month.


HGFG.com $2,499 - Higher Ground Financial Group bought this initialism that's much shorter than hgfinancialgroup.com. It got a great price on the domain.


SpinalInjury.net $2,499 - This domain forwards to a page of MNH Injury Lawyers' site that promotes legal services for people who got spinal cord injuries from car crashes.


Huey.de EURO 2,380 - As best I can tell, Huey Fun Flights offers helicopter flight charters.


Whiskey-World.com $2,295 - This site will offer whisky reviews.


Gimar.de EURO 2,000 - GIMAR is short for German Italian Maritime.


Revl.de EURO 2,900 - This looks like an energy drink.


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