Tesla registers "watchdog" domain names

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Was it defensive or a clue about a new service?

Tesla registers "watchdog" domain names

Tesla registered domains including its brand and "watchdog" this week. Photo courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has registered a handful of domain names with the word "watchdog" in them. Earlier this week, the company registered these domain names:










There are two possible reasons the company registered these domains.


First, it might be a defensive move to keep others from using these domains to criticize Tesla with a "watchdog" site. It's worth noting that someone previously registered TeslaWatchdog.com, although that site is not active.


The other is that Tesla is working on a product named Watchdog. The company already offers a feature called Sentry Mode that uses the car's cameras to record any activity around the car. Watchdog could be another type of security service.


When I search Google for "Tesla watchdog", all of the results are about regulators and other complaint sites.


It appears the registrations were limited to .com and .net, which is a bit unusual.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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