14 end user domain sales including a $60,000 .io
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14 end user domain sales including a $60,000 .io - NiceNIC.NET


A shed seller, a nanny service, and a site that generates QR codes bought domain names.


Sedo’s top public sale for the past week was Vital, a company that offers technology to emergency health providers, bought his domain name. Question: is this .io domain superior to the company’s existing .com,


Here’s a list of end user domain name sales that just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here. $60,000 – Vital provides software for emergency health care services. It has been using the domain I’m curious if it will switch to this new domain. EUR 7,500 – Crowdcube helps people invest in private companies in Europe. EUR 5,000 – Chip company Synopsys forwards this domain to a page on its site about artificial intelligence. EUR 4,500 – This domain forwards to Alex Fischer is an educator for real estate, finance and entrepreneurship. EUR 4,000 – This domain forwards to, a site for doing exactly what its name implies. EUR 3,570 – City-Wohnene is a site for renting apartments. This domain forwards to EUR 3,499 – Gedacolor creates machines for making aluminum signs. It forwards this domain to $3,499 – The Mango Lab offers photography classes. It uses the matching domain. $3,499 – This domain forwards to Hunt Adkins is a creative brand consultancy in Minneapolis. $3,199 – Shed Center “drops the the” with this nice upgrade. $3,000 – Motion and animation design firm Ordinary Folk bought the .com to match its .co domain name. This was worth every penny. $2,500 – Wow, this company really needed this upgrade! HeyNannyly helps companies offer nanny services to their employees. It uses the domain EUR 2,499 – Far Fetch is a clothing site. It forwards this domain to


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