Getting hotter: AI, Bet

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Getting hotter: AI, Bet - NiceNIC.NET

AI is still very hot!


Today, Afternic published the top keywords in aftermarket domain sales from March. Let's start with the list before digging in a bit:


1. The

2. My

3. I

4. AI

5. Of

6. It

7. Group

8. And

9. To

10. Health

11. For

12. Is

13. Your

14. Real

15. Bet

16. Home

17. Life

18. Best

19. New

20. On


Many of these are filler words, but I've bolded some of the keywords that might be helpful to you.


Now, let's look at the movement of these keywords:


AI up from #11 to #4 this is a great trend that I've taken advantage of. I've noticed that expired domains that have AIin them have gotten pricey, though. And in the long run, will companies actually put AI in their names? Or will every company be an AI company?


IT up from not listed to #6 I'm curious about this one and if the context is technology or just the word it'.


Health up from not listed to #10 Health is a good keyword. I'm curious why it wasn't on the list the month before.


Real up from #17 to #14 I suspect this in the real estate connotation.


Bet up from not listed to #15 Bet domains sell well. I'll be curious if it's on the list again next month.


Home down from #4 to #16 I'm very curious if this is home in the real estate connotation.


Life up from #19 to #17 I don't know what to make of this. Life insurance?


Best down from #8 to #18 It's clear that this adjective is common in aftermarket domain sales.


New down from #9 to #19 I'd like to understand how this keyword is being used in domains. Is it actually part of news'?


Two notable keywords fell off the list: law and tech. That said, they might be lurking just below the top 20.


Source from Domain Name Wire


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