Unexpectedly the Number to Support DNSSEC Declined AGAIN!
Views:2414 Time:2012-02-23 10:11:52 Author: NiceNIC.NET
One of the worrying findings to date is a surprising reluctance for the registrars and resellers to offer Domain Name System Security Extension (DNSSEC). In Germany, 17 per cent of respondents offered DNSSEC in 2011 and 44 per cent said they expected to offer it within the next 12 months while 28 per cent were not planning to.

But in 2012, unexpectedly these numbers had declined. Of those that have responded, the number offering DNSSEC had declined to 12 per cent, 25 per cent said they expected to offer it in the next 12 months while 25 per cent have not planned to.
If the results are confirmed in the final results it would show momentum to adopt DNSSEC has stalled, and is even going backwards. So a question has to be asked is can momentum be created to start moving forward.

While the German results are of concern, worryingly 41 per cent of respondents in Austria do not even plan to implement DNSSEC.

DNSSEC is critical, giving internet users, both providers of services like
IISP.HK and end-users, much more secure transactions and interactions online. And it allows users to be certain that data has not been modified in transit... (source: Domain News)
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