Virgin Group Founder won a .XXX Domain off a cybersquatter
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The WIPO panelist handling the case found that the cybersquatter, Australian Sean Truman, lacked rights to the address and had registered in bad faith. Richard Branson is the Virgin Group founder.
Truman, who bought the domain four days after the .xxx registry went live last December, said in his defence that he snapped up the address as a "souvenir". He also claimed that Branson had "ample opportunity to register the name if he believed that his rights may be under threat by another person", according to the decision.
"You snooze, you lose" is not a defence to cybersquatting under the UDRP's rules, and the panelist found in favour of Branson. The domain will now be transferred to Virgin.
But because Virgin is not a porn company, and therefore does not qualify to register .xxx domains, will likely be set as a "non-resolver", meaning it will not work when you type it in your browser address bars.
It is the second UDRP case to have been decided since .xxx first started selling domains last year. The first saw the domain transferred to a Texas-based grocery chain. Other disputed addresses include and, according to UDRP records. There have been 13 cases filed since 29 December. (Source: Digg)
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