12 Tips and New Standards for Optimizing Your Website
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Site Header Tips
1. Optimize your title.
This technique has proven to be beneficial for ranking well for key terms within post titles. It works because you will eventually receive backlinks with better anchor text and more relevancy on social network shares.
2. Set a default image URL for Facebook & LinkedIn sharing.
Plug this code into your site header to define the image URL.
3. Set an author link attribute. (New)
<a rel="author" href=>Wang Zheng</a>
Site Speed Tips
4. Track page speed with updated Google Analytics code. (New)
5. Minify JavaScript and CSS files.
6. Compress images and serve them across multiple sub-domains.
7. Place non-critical JavaScript calls in the footer.
Increase Conversions
8. Split test your business and lead generation copy.
Google Website Optimizer
A/B Theme Testing Plugin for WordPress
Visual Website Optimizer
9. Reduce bounce rate by engaging readers.
Extend Your Reach
10. Go mobile.
Greatly improve their user experience and conserve server resources by implementing a mobile optimized display.
11. Get social.
12. Become a curator of the latest news and resources.
(source: DotSouce, Mark Fulton)
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