SEO: What it is. What it Does.
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If you have a website or are researching websites, you’re sure to have heard the term SEO bandied about quite a bit. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO techniques are used to improve the visibility and ranking of a website when people conduct a search on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
Five Things You Can Do for Better SEO
1. Title Tags
Each page should have a unique, descriptive title tag. A description relative to the content on the page helps people who are searching for you, your product, or your services.
2. Content
Content is King. Unique, informative, and relevant site content helps SEO. Use keywords within that content that you feel best describe your business and will be words customers will search for when looking for services that your business supplies.
3. Links
Build working links between the pages of your website and with other trusted websites. Ask business affiliates and other trusted businesses to link to your site as well. You should also use Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blogs to create links to your website and encourage followers to visit.
4. Keywords
When your website developer lists keywords in the HTML files of your pag­es, be sure that those same words appear with frequency in the content on your site.
5. Updates
Fresh content will bring search engine “spiders” back to index your site, and will bring your customers back as well, so update your site as frequently as possible. You may want to update some pages once or twice a month, and others less frequently. The more traffic you receive, the higher you will come up in searches.
Generally speaking, the higher on the search page that a website displays and the more frequently a page appears in searches, the more visitors it will receive from search engine users. How optimal is it to appear on the first page of a search? Very. Up to 42% of search users click the top-ranking link, as few as 8% click the second-ranking link. Click-through rate (CTR) drops thereafter. 62% percent of users click a link on the first page of search results, 23% go to the second page.
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