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.XXX "most important" domain news story
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Why did 25% select .xxx as the most important news story?
Well, it certainly got a lot of play in the traditional media. It’s also the culmination of a long and challenging road getting the top level domain through ICANN. And it has to do with s-e-x.
“Challenges to domain owners’ rights” was cited by 16% of .XXX survey takers and changes to domain parking got 14%.
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Domains that were previously unavailable in the dot-com world are suddenly available such as casting.xxx, live.xxx, desi.xxx, or free.xxx. The possibilities for new domain names are endless. Another incredible opportunity is the inclusion of free malware protection from McAfee for all.XXX websites. McAfee is providing their malware protection to .XXX website operators service to help protect registered websites and their customers from hackers, exploits, and malware. This service represents a value of hundreds of dollars per domain and is provided free of charge to .XXX registrants. A revolutionary new payment system to accompany your current offerings is being developed for launch in 2012. The system will offer micropayment opportunities and will be offered exclusively to .XXX domain owners providing very competitive rates
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