MSU acquires four .XXX domain names to keep its brand porn-free
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MSU (Michigan State University) acquired four .XXX domain name in an effort to prevent pornographers from exploiting its name and its trademark. The University acquired, and two other similar variations.
MSU spokesman, Kent Cassella said that the university spent about $100 for each domain name.
"We've done evaluation and those are the ones that are mainly in line of branding initiatives, and we want to protect those," Kent Cassella added.
The domain names are inactive and it will not host any content.
Other Universities and schools also rushed to register their .XXX domain names.llinois State University registered  IllinoisState.XXX , and .Penn State University also acquired four .XXX domain names : Penn State, PSU, Nittany Lions and The Pennsylvania State University,while East Carolina University registered a total of eight .XXX domains, such as,,, and
Another University who decided to protect the school's trademark from being used pornographers is the University of Notre Dame, who decided to register four .XXX domains,,, and, spending on them $1,319.96.
Even though many Universities rushed to protect their trademarks and decided to register .xxx domain names, other Universities opted to closely monitor the Internet to see if anyone infringes their trademarks.
You can register here your .XXX domain .
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