How can you tell .CN domain names?
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Register .CN domain names - $4.85 per year


Internet usage is clearly continuing to develop rapidly in China. Surveys accomplished in the top 4 cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen indicate online user numbers increasing by in excess of 50% per annum.


1. Why should an international business secure a .CN name?
Since the next frontier of global e-business, .CN presents companies all over with an unprecedented opportunity to succeed in Chinese marketplace. China's accession to WTO proved the fact that Chinese economy has been heading out on great strides toward transcendence. Now is a perfect time for global companies to safeguard their brand identities in .CN domains, and then to start finding inroads into the Chinese marketplace.


2. What is the .CN value proposition?
.CN domain name provides registrants the protection of a well established brand name in what exactly is guaranteed to become one of the most extremely profitable markets on the planet. Furthermore, .CN could set Chinese local clients at ease by offering them the security of handling businesses that possess substantial, localized Chinese presence along with an international one.


3. What term lengths are available for .CN domains?
.CN domain names can easily be registered for 1 - 10 years.


4. Is there a Chinese presence requirement to register .CN domain names?
Please check ".CN Domain-2012 NEW POLICY-LESS Restrictions" or contact IISP directly at


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