Discount Prices on .CN Domain Name Registrations
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.CN domain registration - $4.85/yr

With approximately 20% of the world population in China, it is a great chance to register your branded .CN domains for the lowEST price available at IISP.HK!


1. What is .CN domain name?

.CN is the top level domain for the People's Republic of China. During the past decade, China has experienced an amazing economic growth. Additionally as we all know China possesses the largest population. Moreover, the .cn domain is simply second to the .com domain, for having the most registered domain names. For any organization running on an international level – a .cn domain name will never be outdated.


2. Why should I register a .CN domain name?
.CN domain extension has seen explosive growth since being opened to registrants in the world. .CN name already surpassed both .NET and .DE to become the 2nd most registered domain extension with over 13 million active .CN domain addresses registered at present.

.CN domain names guarantee a well-established brand name in what has turned out to be one of the most lucrative markets throughout the world. Besides, .CN could surely bring Chinese clients the sense of security in dealing with businesses. Eventually, .CN domain enjoys widespread notoriety and recognition among the Chinese population, and is a targeted & easy to remember web domain name.

A .CN domain name is a quick solution to establish a brand in China. Your online business or enterprise can benefit greatly by adding .CN domains to your current .COM, .NET and .ORG presence.

Safeguarding your brand identity is vital. That is true for your personal presence as well as your online presence. Protecting your assets is non-negotiable nowadays. By registering your trademark in ccTLDs, you are taking another step towards consolidating your business. By holding your trademark in ccTLDs, you will not have to concern yourself with attempting to acquire your name after somebody else has registered it.

As we all know, highly coveted domains are those that are short or have common words. These types of domains are nearly impossible to register in heavily populated domains like .COM or .NET. However, register your domain name in a ccTLD will NOT be a bad choice. As most ccTLDs are continuing to grow, it is easier to register short or keyword rich domains.


3. Are there any restrictions for registering a .CN domain?
Please refer to ".CN Domain-2012 NEW POLICY-LESS Restrictions" or chat with IISP support team now.


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