China Internet Penetration Map 2012
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So, you may have noticed that we like maps and charts and stuff… And after CNNIC released its recent report on internet use in China, one of the key datasets that I was eager to look at was internet penetration by province. I thought I’d put it on a map and see how it looked.


Areas in green are above the national average of 38.3 percent, while areas in yellow are below the average. As you might expect, areas along the east coast, as well as the capital Beijing have pretty high penetration rates – Beijing being the highest at 70.3 percent. I have to admit though that I was a little surprised to see Xinjiang province in the west ranks ninth in the country in internet penetration at 40.4 percent, just above the national average.


What about Hong Kong and Taiwan you ask? Well, CNNIC didn’t include them for some reason — which is interesting. But FYI, according to Internet World Stats Hong Kong and Taiwan are way up there with 68.8 and 70.1 percent respectively.



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