Current China Directory Website Market
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As reported the Long Tail of Chinese site web directory market is shrinking gradually, the market share occupied by the dominant enterprises has been concentrated further, and the echelon shape turns patent. Directory sites represented by and, with over 100 million internet users, occupied the first place in the web directory market, and with about 50 million users come the second, while,, and others rank the third, with less than 20 million users respectively.


Table of Content
I. Research Background

II. Definitions

III. Methodology

IV. Abstract

V. Body


1. Overview of China Directory Websites

1.1 Definition of Directory Website
1.2. Classification of Directory Websites


2. Characteristics of China Directory Websites Market

2.1. Value Chain and Profit Model of China's Directory Websites
2.1.1 Value Chain System of Directory Sites
2.1.2 Profit Model of Directory Sites
2.2 Value Carrier of Navigation: Analysis on Users
2.2.1 General Users Scale of Directory Sites


3. Trends in China Directort Site Industry

3.1 China Directory Sites Face Bottleneck in Value: Norwig's Theorem is Revealed and New Growth Point Needed to be Explored in Depth

(source: I Research China)



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