Are .cn domains favored by Chinese search engines?
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I have met quite a few American and European clients that began their Baidu SEO project requirements with the following:

"Help us register a .cn domain."


This may be also what you think: a .cn domain is better favored for Chinese search engines over .com or .net domains.

My own experience has shown no evidence that .cn domains are perfered by Chinese search engines, on the contrary, in some cases, .com domains usually rank better on Baidu over .cn domains.


Baidu itself also clarified it in their official guide book, informing webmasters and SEO'ers what domains are recommended:

#1. Short domains are easier for users to remember, so the shorter, the better;

#2. Use domains that tell the visitors what your sites are about, like including your name and brand in the domainl


#3. Domain extensions don’t influence Baiduspider’s crawlling activities. However, you need to make the domains easier for users to remember, so we recommend using .com, .net or .cn domains.


What’s more, if you really want to register a .cn domain, I have GOOD news: any company/individual in any country around the world can register .CN domains now in 2013, for more information, please check .CN Domain-2013 NEW POLICY-LESS Restrictions


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