.XXX Registrants will be Grandfathered into .SEX .PORN .ADULT at NO extra cost
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ICM Registry has submitted 3 gTLD applications for .SEX, .PORN and .ADULT.  In the next few hours, there will be a worldwide press release announcing this as well as news that, if awarded, all .XXX registrants will be “grandfathered” into the other corresponding extensions at no extra cost.
The premise is if you have registered a .XXX name as a member or non-member of the Sponsored Community, the names will automatically be put on our reserved list.  Members of the Sponsored Community can choose to utilize the other extensions at any time for a nominal registration fee (wholesale will be around $10 USD) and non-members will be protected by not having to register the corresponding domain name(s) in the other extensions.  An example of this is, if you purchased ‘’; then the domains ‘’, ‘’, and ‘’ will be held in reserve for you at no extra charge.
As a part of our ongoing consumer protection initiatives, ICM is also grandfathering Sunrise B reservations, at no extra charge.
ICM Registry is still determining the cut-off date for the registrations that will be grandfathered in and there is no better time than the present to push this incentive to all of your registrants.  As always with .XXX, it is a combined message for both members and non-members of the Sponsored Community.


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