List of universities who registered .XXX domains to keep their brands clean
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In an attempt to protect their names and brands from porn entrepreneurs, many universities decided to secure and acquire .XXX domain names related to their names.  Here is a list with some of the universities who decided to prevent others from exploiting their trademarks and registered .XXX domains:


1. East Carolina is one of those universities who wished to keep pornographers from tainting their brands. East Carolina Univeristy itself registered a total of eight .XXX domain names, such as,,, and

2. Penn State University made the decision to buy multiple .XXX domain names: Penn State, PSU, Nittany Lions and The Pennsylvania State University.

3. Illinois State University acquired three .XXX domain names: IllinoisState.XXX , and

4. The University of Notre Dame decided to protect the school's trademarks from being used by pornographers and registered four domain names. The University spent $1,319.96 for,, and

5. The University of Michigan registered three .xxx domains.None of the .XXX domain names will be used by the Michigan University.

6. The University of Kansas also decided to keep its brands porn-free and has acquired .XXX domain names, such as and KUNurses.XXX. The University of Kansas spent $3,000 for these .XXX domain names.

7. BYU manage to register so far BYU.XXX and BrighamYoungUniversity.XXX.

8. The University of texas manage to register so far, and domain names.

9. The University of Colorado registered 27 .XXX domain names. Some of the .XXX domains acquired by the University of Colorado include CU.XXX, Buffs.XXX, GoldenBuffaloes.XXX and UniversityOfColorado.XXX.

10. The Central Michigan University acquired and and domain names.

11. The Grand Valley State University registered domain name to block it from the use by others. The University stated that they don't want to make use of the domain.

12. Temple University has snapped up two .xxx domain names in an effort to prevent pornographers from exploiting the univeristy's name .Temple University acquired Temple.XXX and TempleUniversity.XXX domain names.

13. OU have purchased .XXX domain names,including, and .However, it seems that OU purchased many more .xxx domain names ,but a list of .XXX domains owned by OU is not available at the time.

14. Virginia Tech managed to secure three .XXX domain names for ten years. The University spent $1,000 to secure, and

15. Brown University registered two .XXX domains : and

16. Carnegie Mellon also registered .XXX domain names related to their names.

The list of Universities who rushed to snap up .XXX domain names is much longer.


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