Paid Hosting VS Free Hosting
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You know i talk here in my blog about free and paid web hosting but i think i must wrote about the differrence between free and paid host and which one you should seek for.


Why to get paid web host?

1- Server uptime is 99.9%. Which means that you will be always sure that your sites are always up.

2- More safe for your data. Large companies always care about their clients and they will always do their best to keep your site safe from hackers and crackers who will hack your site if the server was unsafe.

3- More features in the paid host. Paid host account will be more featured that free one as you will get more databases, emails, add-on domains, etc…

4- More faster servers. Make sure that paid accounts are on powerfull and faster servers that free accounts.

5- Taking backups for you. Most web hosting companies takes backups everyday to restore the whole data for clients if there was errors in servers.

6- Online and direct support. as paid host account user, you will get a great and instant support from the support team and they will solve the problem for you if you faced any problem.

7- Never make a company website on a free web host. Some people faces a lot of problems if they make their website on a free web hosting but make sure that paid web host is always better for making companies websites for the best server uptime.


There are more points make you go for paid host but i wrote to you the most important features.


Why to get free web host?

1- Request a free host if it’s the first website for you. I am not sure paying for a host if you are a beginner. As a beginner you will need more time before running a good website so the free host will be more useful for you.

2- Nothing to pay every month. Free web host will not cost you any money as some hosts asks you for a banner or posting about 10 posts every months or may be one time posting.

3- Making simple website. If you want to make an online profile and small personal website so try to get a free web host if you don’t want to pay for money.


At the end of this post i would like to say. You should go for the paid web host if you got money and always search about web host and testimonials before paying to a company.



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