Another .music trademark application and an interesting one for .pay
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.Music trademark application dead on arrival and merchant service company applies for .pay mark.


A California sole proprietor is the latest person to waste money trying to trademark .music.


Joseph Walker, filed the application on April 12. Walker claims he’s using .music in commerce since April 10. Here’s his proof:

I tried to view that URL to see if it’s live on the internet, but I must not have been able to read it correctly.

The class of goods is “Providing internet domain name extensions”.


Needless to say, this application is dead on arrival at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


Now here’s a trademark application that could be interesting. Colorado based Inspire Commerce filed a trademark application on April 18 for .pay. The merchant account company says it’s for a whole host of payment solutions. But included in the long list is “Web site hosting services; Domain name management services; Hosting of web sites; Hosting websites on the Internet.”


The company claims first use in commerce dating back to June 25, with its proof this post on its sparsely updated blog. That’s the only mention of “dot pay” I can find on the company’s web site.



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