Paris still running away from reverse domain hijacking claim
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Paris’ motto in domain disputes: fire an attack, then run away.

The city of Paris — officially Ville de Paris — apparently likes to lob attacks and then run away when it has to defend itself.


Back in 2009 the city filed a UDRP against In another ridiculous decision handed down by panelist Andrew F. Christie, Paris won the UDRP despite the domain not likely being registered in bad faith.


So owner Jeffrey Walter sued Paris in Texas Court. When Paris submitted its UDRP complaint, it agreed to jurisdiction in Texas for lawsuits related to the domain because that’s where the domain registrar for was located.


Among other claims, Walter charges that Ville de Paris was attempting reverse domain name hijacking.


Paris, like it has done many times with domain names, is retreating. It hasn’t responded to the lawsuit at all. Now Walter has filed a motion for default judgement against Ville de Paris.


If the judge grants the motion, then the court can levy financial penalties against Ville de Paris.


Of course, collecting the money will be tough unless Paris has some sort of assets in the United States.


That seems unlikely.

Oh, wait. Paris likely has a new top level domain application filed in California, doesn’t it?



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