News sells for 87,500 EUR
Views:2373 Time:2012-04-27 11:19:08 Author: NiceNIC.NET was sold through the Sedo domain name marketplace for 87,500 EUR ( $115,000). Sommerhus means Summer in danish and .DK is the ccTLD for Denmark, now is visitable, and in the homepage shows, which may be the actual owner of the domain name

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Another notable domain name sale is, which was sold for  56,750 EUR. According to whois records the seller seems to be Digital Dataflow and the new owner is Patrick Draki.


Another notable domain name sales include :    5,000 USD    2,999 USD    1,500 USD    3,899 USD    1,900 USD    10,000 GBP    2,250 EUR    4,500 USD    2,000 USD    2,500 EUR    2,750 USD    1,031 USD    10,000 USD    2,000 EUR    10,000 USD    10,000 GBP    1,500 EUR    2,500 USD    7,520 USD    5,000 EUR 

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