What Mike Mann thinks about new TLDs
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He has an opinion on everything. Here’s what he thinks about new TLDs.


Here’s what he thinks about new TLDs:

We will not apply for any new TLDs because buying those new assets is too risky, given practically unlimited decent possibilities for .com investing still.

1) Why would someone take additional risks before they have exhausted the obvious low hanging fruit in premium .com domain values?

2) Not to mention the related ability to consistently, competitively improve their google rankings and site conversions?

3) And eliminate branding confusion; ride the coming flight to .com quality tide?


I am glad the players will be promoting domains in general and it will encourage more overall domain sales whether or not any ALT TLD sites get serious traction, which will be a small percentage compared to the corresponding .com match, that I may own.


The .com will get more traffic and brand recognition and go up in value irrespective of whether the inferiorly named competing brand succeeds or fails ultimately. I think the .coms that are truly premium are already worth much more than they sell for on average, and can only go up with the growth of the internet and “competing” TLDs, further reinforcing the need to fly to quality and control the best .coms at the expense of the confused masses who will eventually come around.


.Coms will stand the test of time. If somebody builds something on .TV, then someone else builds it on and .net, the value of the .com could skyrocket. .Com is king and will remain king, at least until the metric system is adopted by Americans.

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