Honey, I screwed up on my $185,000 new TLD application
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Several new top level domain applicants make errors in their applications — including a misspelling of the word “logistics”.

I’ve found three instances of typo’s or errors in new top level domain applicants’ strings. I’ve reached out to ICANN to find out if the applicants will be afforded an opportunity to fix these errors as I can’t find anything in the guidebook about it. Logic would say yes in the case of an uncontested string.

One obvious typo comes courtesy of Kerry Trading Company. One of the six strings it applied for was .KerryLogisitics. Notice the extra ‘i’ in what is supposed to be .KerryLogistics.

The company also applied for .kerryhotels and .kerryproperties. I’m surprised by the lack of application for simply .kerry, unless they expected objections.

There’s also an application for .dotafrica, while the application suggests the goal was to apply for .africa. (And I sure hope that was the intention.) That one could be interesting because there’s already lots of bad blood between the two applicants for the string.

Finally, at least two internationalized domain name followers have been informed they believe there’s an error in VeriSign’s application for the Hebrew transliteration of .com. VeriSign has not responded to requests for comment on the matter other than to say it’s looking in to it.

I’ve reached out to ICANN about provisions for fixing typos in strings and will update this story when I hear more. Have you noticed any other string typos?

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