How to Register & Transfer .CN Domain Name with NiceNIC?
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Dear Valued Customer,


This is NiceNIC Support Team, we appreciate your considering .CN Domain Registration & Transfer with NiceNIC.NET.


According to the feedback from our customer service team, we ponder it is necessary to post an explanation to clarify How to Register .CN Domain Name and How to Transfer .CN Domain Name with NiceNIC.NET


I. How to Register .CN Domain Name with NiceNIC?

CNNIC adopted more liberal policies not long ago, and now natural persons with mainland China ID cards are allowed to register dot CN domain names as well.
However, the regulation for companies/individuals from outside of China still exists. In order to eliminate the barrier, NiceNIC offer FREE CN Trustee Service to facilitate .CN series domain registration.

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Let's take XXX.CN as an example to explain how dot CN domain registration will go on for Registrants outside of China:
1. You submit the request of XXX.CN domain registration via NiceNIC.NET website and complete the payment.

2. One of the customer service staffs will be assigned to check whether you have already emailed us or submited materials(company registration certificate and/or individual passport in general) online for Registry of CNNIC's authentication or not,
   (1) if the materials were not received, XXX.CN will be registered with NiceNIC FREE + COMPLETE Trustee Service and activated instantly,
   (2) while if the materials were ready, the authentication process would be moved to next step, and CNNIC started to take in charge. In most cases, this step will proceed on smoothly without delay, take 1-2 business days, and Registrar will receive the authentication results soon.

3. If everything goes well, we could move onto the final step; if CNNIC advise that something lacked, you would be notified by us to complement. No worries, we stay with you! ;)

4. (1) If you have no further plan to develop XXX.CN to a website but keep the domain in case other people grab it, then nothing you should do next. 
   (2) If you intend to develop XXX.CN to a website, you should provide us with the Host Provider name, IP address(es), DNS(es) in which you would host XXX.CN and resolve it correctly.

5. Done.

[4.(2) The restricted status of clientHold will be removed from XXX.CN]


>> Wanna register dot CN domain names in BULK? 
Simply visit

II. How to Transfer .CN Domain Name to NiceNIC?

Let's take YYY.CN as an example to explain how dot CN domain transfer will go on (CNNIC do not differentiate regions for dot CN domain transfer):
1. You acquire the Auth-Code of YYY.CN from your previous registrar.

2. You submit the request of YYY.CN domain transfer via NiceNIC.NET website and complete the payment of at least one-year renewal.

3. We receive the request and submit your information to CNNIC to activate the transfer.

4. Transfer process will take 5 days in general if no Quick-transfer available.

5. When the transfer is completed and you check the whois, the expiration time of domain name YYY.CN will be extended for at least one year according to your renewal payment, and the exact date will be the same as your previous expire date.


>> Wanna transfer dot CN domain names in BULK? 
Simply find



NDNS Professional is one of the technologies we developed to faciliate the network switch between Telecom and Unicom, but honestly, NDNS Professional is not working for dot CN series domain names, hence kindly please be noted to select NDNS Standard(Free).


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and let us know how we could serve you better. 


Warm regards,

NiceNIC.NET Support Team

CNNIC & ICANN Accredited Registrar 

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