ICANN terminates two domain name registrars
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Two small registrars get the ax.

ICANN's contract compliance efforts with domain registrars seem to go in fits and starts. The past couple months have been active, and this month the company fully terminated two accredited domain name registrars.

Just yesterday ICANN sent a notice of termination to Ynot Domains Corp in New York. Ynot was canned for not escrowing registration data and being late on accreditation fees. The registrar was tiny, with just 24 .com domains under management as of April.

On August 7 ICANN sent a termination to Russian registrar Name For Name, Inc. Its registry-registrar agreement with Verisign had already been terminated in July. It also hadn't provided updated contact information to ICANN, had no contact details on its web site, and wasn't providing mandatory whois service.

ICANN has sent nine notices of breach since the beginning of July. A notice of breach typically provides a short cure period in which the registrar needs to fix the problems or at least show best efforts. If the breaches aren't cured then ICANN terminates the registrar.



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