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Why choose NiceNIC?


    NiceNIC - ICANN Accredited Registrar & CNNIC HKIRC Accredited Registrar.


    Your One Stop Shop” for domain registration, domain transfer, domain renewal, web hosting or Email hosting purchase- in fact all things domains!

    If required our professional, courteous English speaking staff will walk you through the whole purchase process.


    .CN, Chinese.CN, .中国, .HK, .COM.HK, .COM, .NET, Chinese.COM, .ORG, .BIZ, .INFO, .ASIA, .TW, .SG, .KR, .JP, .MY, .IN, New gTLDs and more ...


    You Pay, we do Everything else, let's Keep Internet Simple Stupid (KISS)!


    Would you like to own premium Chinese domain names but are concerned by complex and perhaps incorrect Chinese Translations?

    Many of NiceNIC's staffs are from mainland China, proficient in both Simplified and Traditional Chinese Translation, experts in speaking (Mandarin & Cantonese), writing etc. We will be happy to put you on the right track to China.

People really like us!

  • "I'm really glad and pleased with the way NiceNIC.net handles their customers' requirements, very professional and offers fast service.
    In fact, I feel at home whenever I Log in to my NiceNIC account. Multilingual (English, Chinese), In addition NiceNIC.NET offers many domain extensions with very attractive prices including great modern hosting platform where we manage our domains at ease without any hassle.
    If I was asked to recommend or rank NiceNIC.NET website, without any hesitation, I will definitely rank it if not Number 1 at least Number 2 in Asia after Instra.com. No doubt about it."

    Hussein Kefel (UK)
  • There are a few things that I like at NiceNIC.NET. Registrar that serves me .CN domains in language I understand. Domains like .NET that I can buy for 10 years for the price of 1st year. Domain privacy for FREE. But what makes NiceNIC truly exceptional is the customer service, which is not just competent, but really friendly human being and not outsourced robot who does not care. It is not a phrase, it is truth. Try it for yourself!

  • Account Manager Abbie's personalised email leaves me very good impression of NiceNIC, as an ICANN & CNNIC Accredited Registrar. We made a good decision of being NiceNIC's client indeed.
    Besides, Abbie is very kind to wish me and my family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival though we will not have big celebration here in UK but perhaps have a meal together.

    Jerry Yang
  • “My name is Moch Rifai and I'm proud to use NiceNIC as 'my favorite company'.
    NiceNic is the biggest domain registrar in Asia which has great peoples running the business.
    NiceNic is definitely next generation of successful domain registrar in the world especially in Asia.
    There are many selection of great product and services with competitive prices for each customer.
    I describe support from NiceNIC as 'Terrific' (My thanks goes to Helen for helping me).
    They strive to make anything look easy just like as their slogan. Once you start using them, you will keep saying "I never realize everything was that easy".

    Moch Rifai
  • “We love Nice NIC's quick domain registration procedure, fair pricing and friendly support.
    We consider NiceNIC as our main domain Registrar at the moment for our marketing expansion in China and Asia in general.”

    Chris Charistas, IT Manager of Meli Tours, Ltd (Greece)
  • “Nicenic International, offering cost effective network solutions and trilingual customer services (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese), is at the comparative advantage in the wave of new gTLD launch. We hope Nicenic could provide more supports for ".公司" Chinese domain names and introduce this new gTLD to anyone connected with China in the future.”

  • “There is a need to compete with main registrars for backorders.
    Don't like continually having to complete a number code everytime I sign in but I guess that is for security?
    Might like to add a for sale section for members only with names registered via yourselves.”

  • “Nicenic is not only an excellent supplier to treat bulk requests for domains, but it's also a great service partner to give advice about domains administration, DNS, and other technical problems, you will find by hosting a website in China. Nicenic support quality is beyond expectations.”

    Gabriel Jorby
  • “I am pleased to give you feedback to testify Excellent relationship with NiceNIC under The condition - conditio sine qua non -
    That you respect the following: I refuse even to communicate with my own children (45 and 49)
    By means of Facebook, twitter, Google+, LindedIN etc., but appreciate Personal messages and this of course is valid for NiceNIC, I agree to your incorporating my experience into "Customer Testimonial".
    Having visited the People's Republic of China several times in business, Concluded 35 contracts, all correctly executed from both sides (chinese side : government)
    I was charged by the President of an organization to treat an attempt of usurpation/Registration of brand and email addresses.
    Having refused to give permission required, I chose myself among two hundred addresses, found on ICANN's site, "NiceNIC" and registered several addresses.
    From the very beginning, I experienced an excellent reception by the Account Manager.
    Recently, we were very positively impressed by her comment:
    "They are not even a domain Registrar. You know what, I am feeling ashamed for Chinese to do so silly things and cheat..."
    This personal opinion of a member of your management speaks very positively For the honesty of the NiceNIC .NET Team.”

    Christian KAIE
  • “I first approached NiceNIC about two months ago and right from the word go, I received the kingly customer attention. I recommend them for anyone who would like dedicated customer service and value for money. This is definitely my one stop shop. ”

    SolvIT Solutions
  • “Hi NiceNIC. Thanks for liking our projects. Pretty soon we are going to point that domain you just helped us register to our online software project at Truehome.net. We are dreaming of finding Chinese partners to expand what we are doing and adapting it for the Chinese market.
    You process for registering a .cn domain was easy and we appreciate the service. ”

    Chris Travis
  • “We are a Canadian e-learning company and we are new to NiceNIC service as we are expanding into China. So far, we have been very satisfied with NiceNIC's services, customer care, very good support when we needed to clarify some DNS issues between NiceNIC and our database supplier Host Gator. ”

    Adrian Benedek CEO/2Think1 Solutions Inc.
    www.AEHelp.com and GIELTSHelp.com
  • “Very polite and friendly customer service, fast response, handle with care. No regret buying CN domain here at NiceNIC. ”

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