Afternic's top keywords: guess what's #1?

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Afternic's top keywords: guess what's #1? | NiceNIC.NET

Yep, AI.

Afternic has revealed the top keywords in domain names sold in September 2023. For the first time since May 2023, AI is back on top at #1.

Here's the list of keywords in domains sold with filler words removed. The ranking two months earlier in July is in parenthesis, with no rank if it wasn't in the top 20:

ai (#2 in July)

my (1)

group (3)

it (7)

tech (4)

home (9)

capital (8)

health (6)

life (17)


solutions (11)

services (12)


pro (19)




your (10)

club (20)


Six words that were in the top 20 two months ago fell out of the list: bet, online, shop, global, real, care.

The persistence of words such as group, your, and my should be helpful to domain investors.

Source from Domain Name Wire


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